Watch a testimonial from a former student:

Watch a testimonial from a parent of one of our former students:

Testimonials from former students…

Rachel Carron:“I did the 30 hour classroom and 8 hour driving program. It is not good for someone who wants to slack off and get their license quick and easy with their friends. As a teen that’s all I really wanted, but this driving school does not even compare to my High School in terms of learning. The book work was a little excessive because it was barely checked at the end, but in retrospect I did read it all, and I am not one to read (the manual and a book). The lectures were informative probably 95% of the time, and so were the clips played. The driving part was also very informative. They had tricks that made reverse parking, parallel parking, and other “difficult” maneuvers easy. I took the test today, and passed and it was SO easy. I love the school because it fit my schedule. I play school sports and do not have time to sit through a mandatory class in school after school. Knepler is extremely flexible and you can take one of the classes whenever your heart desires. I recommend this school for people who want flexibility, skill, and safety!”


Coralie Joseph:“What an awesome program. It was so helpful and I learned so much that I know I will be a safer driver than other people who do not go here!”


Ryan Kipp:“My parents were prepared to pay five times as much to get me the best drivers education possible–but they didn’t have to! Gary Knepler Driving School gave me the best driver’s education possible at a reasonable and fair price. All the instructors are experts at what they do, and all have a great sense of humor. I totally recommend this school to anyone who is either new to driving or needs a good refresher; it helped me get over my anxiety of driving in no time. Totally recommended!”


Monica Leszczynski:“Overall, I had a phenomenal experience at Gary Knepler Driving School. Having recently passed my driver’s test at the school, I am truly grateful for everything the school and its instructors have provided me with: both the skills and confidence to drive. What was so wonderful about the school was its flexibility and accommodation for its students. I signed up for the program almost a full year before I actually obtained my license, which enabled me to participate in both academic and extracurricular activities, while still balancing a driving schedule. Both the classroom and on-the-road hours were extremely informative and the instructors not only knew what they were talking about, but were also very friendly and actually cared about their students. (I’m not too sure of any other schools whose instructors ask their students to call after they pass their driving tests.) I would like to truly thank Howie and Gary, along with everyone else at Gary Knepler Driving School for providing me with the best driver’s education around; I would never go anywhere else!”