Special Needs

Evaluation and Training

For most people, driving is an essential activity that keeps them connected to meaningful events in life. When age, disease, disability or injury affects the ability to drive, personal freedom and independence are shaken.

The Diagnostic Driving Evaluation Center provides a comprehensive driver rehabilitation program that gives the opportunity to regain or maintain the ability to safely operate a motor vehicle while maintaining independence. Our center can provide rehabilitative evaluations and services for the following conditions or disabilities:

Comprehensive Clinical Driving Assessment: The Driver Rehabilitation Specialist administers a clinical driving assessment, which includes:

Behind the Wheel Assessment

The behind the wheel assessment is administered by a Driving Rehabilitation Specialist and identifies a driver’s strengths and weaknesses, including:

Based on the outcome of both assessments, recommendations on new driving strategies, specialized equipment needs and training that may improve driver safety.

Clients are referred through medical or legal professionals, as well as concerned family members, with the purpose of determining driving fitness during the driving evaluations.

Senior Driving Improvement

Research indicated that some of the safest drivers on the roads today are over the age of 65. However these drivers are also most likely to suffer longer with serious injury or death when involved in a collision.

Driving is a complete skill that requires certain physical, visual and mental abilities. Participation in a driver improvement course or taking behind the wheel lessons is a good way to refresh your driving skills and be prepared for the state licensing exam.

Program Consists of:

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